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Today I wanted to share some reverse engineering hacks to reduce photo session stress! You’ve likely heard the popular phrases recently of: “backwards math”, “mom math”, “girl math” … it’s all relative to reverse engineering!

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Main Topics included in this Episode

  • 4 ways to reverse engineer your photo session to reduce stress
  • Examples and questions to ask yourself in that process

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Episode Transcription

Hello and welcome back to the Messy Mompreneur podcast, a show where we chat all about navigating the beautiful mess of raising babies and businesses. If you're seeking encouragement, tips and time saving hacks to avoid overwhelm in your busy home parenting and work life, you're in good company. I'm your host, Alysha Sanford. I'm a photographer and toddler mamma in Southern Oregon. And I'm so happy to have you here today I wanted to share some reverse engineering hacks to reduce photo session stress. You've likely heard the popular phrases recently of: backwards math, mom math, girl math. It all relates to reverse engineering and it's really helpful when planning your photo session, whether it's for family, for an infant. For branding, photography or headshots, anything. Like that, I'm going to share four different ways that reverse engineering can save you some stress. So the 1st way that you can reverse engineer your photo session is when you're actually scheduling the session. Some things to consider. The first one when do you need your session images back? When should they be printed out? You need to book a couple months before that to accommodate for the process and any potential illness, reschedules or conflicts. Another question to ask yourself, what season and weather would you like to see in your photos? Or is there a special milestone that you're celebrating and need to time it around? One example is a first birthday session. Do you need the prints framed for the birthday party table or is it more important to you to schedule the session for when baby is actually standing and walking unassisted? For babies that age, they can walk at. You know different stages. I know my daughter didn't start walking until 14 months, so. Just something to think about. Do you need to send special announcements or holiday greeting cards by a specific date? And high school seniors, are you wanting those dreamy summer sunset photos? If so, you'd be needing to schedule your session almost an entire year before actually graduating in order to have those photos for the yearbook. Deadlines, announcements. Sorry, and announcements the following year. So those are some things to think about when scheduling your session that you can reverse engineer. Another concept is when it comes to actually budgeting for the session. When scheduling your session you can also. Consider your budget. Photography is an investment that continues to give back over the years to come. So what budget are you working with? And if you save a bit longer, would it help you to make the most of the session that you're dreaming of? Many photographers offer payment plans, some advertise them and others are happy to work with you on a plan if you ask them. If your photographer does not have a payment plan option, you could find out what the retainer fee is and then pay that to secure the date and then divide the remaining balance over the months between now and your session. And then you can work to save up over the course of that time. You could also round up in case you want extra financial flexibility to allow you to purchase additional images, prints, and products after the session is completed. The third area that you can reverse engineer for your photo session would be the session start time. You can adjust that start time that you agreed upon mentally and bump it up 15 to 30 minutes earlier to give yourself a buffer. Then tell the rest of the family members attending to plan for that new time. Another way is to adjust your meal times and meal prep to accommodate that session. Tweak your meal plan for the week to aim for leftovers the day of your session. Or grab and thaw a prepared freezer meal, or just plan to grab a yummy takeout dinner after the session. And mammas, get yourself ready. First final touches for everybody else are so much easier when you arrive on site if needed. It's important that you feel your best when trying to prepare everyone else. I often think back to that airplane rule. Put your own oxygen mask on first before trying to help others. OK, the 4th area that you can reverse engineer is outfits. So again, Mamas, consider the location that you've chosen and the tones that you'll be surrounded with and choose an outfit that makes you feel your best. Then look at the tones and patterns in your outfit and build additional outfits off of that. This allows you to reverse engineer the color palette. I have so many tips and resources for styling, so if you'd like to. Find me on Instagram and reach out. Reverse engineering the layering too. Plan for both cool and warm weather if possible. For example, I live in Oregon and our climate is moody most of the days and sometimes we experience all of the different types of seasons in one day. So plan your outfits and shoe options that coordinate with the warmer options underneath so that you can remove layers. As needed and still be comfortable. So to wrap up those four areas that you can reverse engineer for your photo session to reduce stress is the session scheduling, budgeting, the session start time and your outfits.